How Is the Waterproof of the Rolex Watch?
How Is the Waterproof of the Rolex Watch?

Generally speaking, the bottom cover of the watch with waterproof function will be expressed in English WATERPROOF, ANTIWATER, WATERRESISTANT or French EFANCHE. There is also a waterproof manual when you buy a watch. The waterproof level of the watch is divided into daily life waterproof, 50 meters waterproof, 100 meters waterproof, and 200 meters waterproof. The blue part in the waterproof description of the watch indicates the allowable waterproof range of the watch.

How waterproof is a Rolex watch? What should you do if your Rolex watch gets into water? Many people know that watches are divided into waterproof and non-waterproof watches. Although most watches are waterproof, what about the waterproofness of the Rolex watches? Now let's teach you how to identify the water resistance of the Rolex watch.

Check the watch water resistance mark. For example, the logo on the back of the watch is waterresistance5m, which is waterproof for life. When the watch is marked as 50m, it indicates that it is generally waterproof and suitable for people who work in wet places. And when the logo of the watch is 100m, which means that the watch can be soaked or you can wear it when you are swimming and jumping. When the watch is water resistant to 200M or more, it means that the watch has a high degree of water resistance and can maintain the waterproof function in a water environment with a certain impact, such as diving activities.

Also, no matter what kind of watch you wear (including diving watch), you must never wear it for bathing, shampooing, hot springs, saunas, laundry and dishes, etc., because those detergents, laundry, shampoo have ingredients that corrode the rubber seal of the watch, and frequent contact with it may directly affect the waterproof performance of the watch.

What should you do if the Rolex watch gets into water?

According to the above situation, if the Rolex watch accidentally enters the water, you can use the following methods:

Method 1: Put the granular silica gel together with the watch that has accumulated water in an airtight container. After a few hours, take out the watch and the water will disappear. This method does not damage the timing function and parts of the watch;

Method 2: Wrap the watered Rolex watch with a paper towel, place it about 15 cm near the 40-watt light bulb, and bake it for about 30 minutes.

Method 3: Put the watch face inward and the bottom case outward, and wear it on the wrist. The water vapor can be eliminated after two hours. If there is too much water, it is best to immediately send it to the watch shop to wipe the oil to remove the moisture of the movement to avoid rusting of the parts.