Rolex Air-King M126900-0001 Watch Reviews
Rolex Air-King M126900-0001 Watch Reviews

On March 31, Rolex announced its new products for 2022. In addition to the most eye-catching GMT-Master II watches, the Air-King, which ranks first among the new products on the official website, is also worthy of attention. The new Rolex Air-King M126900-0001 basically follows the design of the previous generation in terms of appearance and style, and has upgraded many places around the theme of "practicality". Today, we will talk to you about the upgrades of the Rolex Air-King M126900-0001.

Ref.116900, the previous generation product of the Air-King series, was released in 2016. It has been 6 years since then. People who are familiar with Rolex should know that the previous generation product Ref.116900 is equipped with Cal.3131 movement, Air-King M126900-0001 uses a regular Cal.3230 movement. As the main model of the latest generation of Rolex, Cal.3230 continues the Parachrom hairspring and adopts the new Chronergy escapement system. Various changes have increased the power reserve time of the movement from 48 hours of the original 31-series movement to 70 hours, which is a great improvement for the practicality.

In addition, the Rolex Air-King M126900-0001 changes the scale "5" at 1 o'clock on the dial to "05", which is intended to echo the "55" on the left side, making the dial look more balanced, forming a kind of "Symmetrical Beauty". The Rolex Air-King M126900-0001 is positioned on the flight watch, and it is particularly important for long-distance flight to be able to read the time at night, so the night light is also an upgrade of the new Rolex Air-King M126900-0001. The watch upgrades the original 18K white gold hour markers of 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions to luminous filled hour markers, expanding the scope of luminous use.

The Rolex Air-King M126900-0001 has shoulder pads on both sides of the crown, which makes the new watch more sporty. The new watch is the first Rolex watch with an “aperture” design with shoulder pads, which also shows that the brand intends to enhance the professional watch attributes of the Air-king. The shoulder pad design of the new watch this time aims to form a differentiation, further widen the gap between it and the Oyster Perpetual watches and Rolex Explorer I watches to improve the recognition and make the Air-king watches more unique.

The clasp of the Rolex Air-King M126900-0001 is also a more practical upgrade. Compared to the old Air-king watch, the new one adds a folding safety clasp, which can effectively prevent the clasp from accidentally opening, and it is also a quite practical design.