Rolex Day-Date Watches Features
Rolex Day-Date Watches Features

Day-Date Features

1) 12:00 capitalized weekday window

2) Precious metal case (gold, white gold, everose gold, platinum)

3) Three-grid arch (head type) chain link

4) Five dial scales of metal bar, bar diamond, square diamond, Arabic numerals and ancient Roman numerals

5) 3135, 3156, 3235, 3255 movement

From the day window to the material, strap, bezel and even the clasp, DAY-DATE has stood on the top of Rolex since its inception in 1956, and you can have a look at the Rolex day-date replica if you are interested.

Rolex Day-Date watches and week window

In traditional watches, the week + calendar window may be this design: the week and the calendar are displayed in small windows; it may also be this design: the week in a small window + rolling date; it may also be this design: a small week window + pointer date; and for Rolex, it is this design: full writing week window + 3 o’clock enlarged window date. In the first few traditional watches, no matter how the calendar changes (small window, scroll, pointer), the small week window design (the first three letters) and position (3 o'clock, 12 o'clock) are relatively fixed. This results in that on Monday, we can only see "Mon" in "Monday". In the 21st century, the Rolex DAY-DATE watch owner was fortunate to witness the complete Monday under the deep night: the 12 o'clock window with the full name of the week.

Rolex DAY-DATE and precious metals

DAY-DATE does not have a pure steel case. Unlike the Datejust or other Rolex entry models, DAY-DATE determined the principle of using precious metals for the case when it launched the first watch; the precious metals here mainly refer to gold, white 18K gold, eternal rose gold and platinum (white 18K gold is often mistaken for platinum).

Rolex DAY-DATE and dial scale

There are five main scales for DAY-DATE:

1) Metal bar: 18K white gold, not platinum

2) Strip drill: m228345rbr-0016

3) Square diamonds: 118296-83206, with ancient Roman markers at every hour on the edge of the dial

4) Arabic numerals: 218348-83218

5) Ancient Roman numerals (even numbers only) : "4" should theoretically be "IV", not "IIII"

Rolex DAY-DATE Watches bezels

There are four main bezels for DAY-DATE:

1) No obvious decoration: 218206-83216 A with ice blue dial Roman hour markers

2) Triangular pit pattern bezel: 218239-83219

3) Square diamond bezel: 218348-83218

4) Bar diamond bezel: 218398BR