Introduction of Rolex GMT-MASTER Coffee Bezel
Introduction of Rolex GMT-MASTER Coffee Bezel

Many people don’t know that Rolex’s attempt to use coffee bezel was very early in its history, which starts with the history of GMT-MASTER. The Rolex Submariner 6200 in 1954 is a product of the same period. The GMT-MASTER I has a red and blue rubber bezel, and the Ref.6542 with the GMT two-time pointer was born.

Ref.6542 is also the first 18K gold version of GMT-MASTER and even professional sports models. At the same time, the dial is also the first to use a special gold scale that are inlaid with luminous, which is called NIPPLE DIAL by people. This extremely rare collection comes from the collection of Rolex fans, and it also establishes and witnesses the luxury of GMT from the beginning.

The popular coffee bezel also followed into the 1960s. This 1675/3 NIPPLE DIAL was also collected by watchers. The coffee surface was matched with the gold and brown two-color aluminum bezel, which became a fashion.

In 2020, at the new product launch conference, Rolex solemnly launched the GMT-Master with a brown and black two-color ceramic bezel, paying tribute to the classics of the year. At the same time, the 18K rose gold material is used to contrast the coffee bezel effect, which is more elegant and extravagant from the actual effect, and it is the main reason why 126711 and 126715 are more and more popular in the market.

The return of GMT coffee color has given GMT-Master a new option. The previous GMT product line was very complete, in addition to the conventional steel, gold, between-gold bezels, even the flamboyant all-gold full diamond has many options for the bezels of the Rolex GMT-Master watches.

This time, the launch of two options of full rose gold and intermediate gold follows the tradition of the Rolex coffee bezel, and also allows everyone to have more price choices. The domineering of all gold and the elegance of gold have good effect. If you compare them carefully, you can see that both have the same design and configuration on the bezel and dial. The rose gold tooth bezel is matched with a brown and black two-color ceramic bezel. The dial scale and hands are also configured in rose gold, and the coffee GMT-MASTER font at six o’clock echoes before and after.