What Is the Rolex Day-Date II?
What Is the Rolex Day-Date II?

When Rolex first introduced the Day-Date in 1956, it made a splash as the first calendar watch to display both the date and the day of the week, and they are written in full form. Positioned as Rolex's most exclusive watch and taking on the role of the brand's new flagship collection, the Day-Date has quickly become the first choice of world leaders, celebrities, athletes and businessmen.

More than half a century after the debut of the first Day-Date, Rolex has expanded its flagship luxury watch collection with the Day-Date II, marking the first time in history that a Rolex dual calendar watch has been produced in a case size other than 36mm. The Day-Date II debuted at Baselworld 2008, offering collectors a larger, bolder way to wear the famous Rolex President watch.

The 41mm size of the Day-Date II is a significant increase when it is compared to the 36mm case size of the traditional Day-Date watches. Needless to say, those who have been asking for a larger Day-Date model over the years appreciate the larger size. 36mm is an incredibly versatile size for a wide variety of wrists; however, some people think 36mm is too small for a watch with a lot of character, especially on larger wrists.

Today, the Rolex Day-Date II and the Day-Date 40 are among the most popular luxury watches in the world. While you can often see some of the larger Rolex Presidential watches on many celebrities and wealthy individuals, the Day-Date II and Day-Date 40 seem to be particularly popular among professional athletes, LeBron James, Draymond Green, Devonta Freeman, and Carmelo Anthony all own several Rolex President watches.

Similar to the traditional Rolex Day-Date 36, the Rolex Day-Date II is only available in 18k yellow gold or 950 platinum. In addition to the larger 41mm case size, the Rolex Day-Date II features an updated in-house movement. Like the Calibre 3155, the Rolex Calibre 3136 is a self-winding mechanical movement with a double Quickset function for date and week display.

Although Rolex eventually discontinued the Day-Date II in 2015 to make way for the newer and slightly smaller Day-Date 40, the largest Rolex President keeps popular on the secondary market. In fact, thanks to its wider shape, thicker lugs, and wider bezel, the Day-Date II is not only the largest Rolex president, but also the sportiest Rolex watch. Looking for the best day-date replica? Just check it out now.