How to Repair a Rolex Watch?
How to Repair a Rolex Watch?

Have we encountered such problems during wearing the Rolex watches? Maybe because we usually don’t pay attention to the influence of surrounding environmental factors, our watches often crash due to some inattentive problem and if the problems are relatively more serious, it will cause the appearance of scratches on our watch. What should we do if the problem occurs on our Rolex watch?

Before we can formulate a way to remove scratches, we need to understand the severity of the scratches on the watch, which depends on the specific situation.

If the scratches on the Rolex watches are not serious, you can refer to the following methods. You can apply a small amount of toothpaste first, and then wipe it off with a lens cloth until the scratches disappear completely.

If there are more or serious scratches, you can also treat the affected area first, polish the surrounding area, and use a whetstone to polish it. If you have a magnifying glass at home, you can also use a magnifying glass to deal with it. The polishing should be orderly. When the polishing is almost finished, use sandpaper appropriately to polish, pay attention to the size of the sandpaper.

If your Rolex watch has this kind of problem, we can try to deal with it. It is also a premise that the scratches are not serious, and only minor scratches can be dealt with by the following methods: first drop one or two drops of water at the inspected place, and then use little toothpaste on the scratches, and then wipe with a soft cotton cloth, but pay attention that the cotton cloth should not be too rough, and if the cotton ball is not applied, it will easily increase the scratches on other larger parts.

These are the ways to deal with scratches that occur on Rolex watches, and I hope you can solve the scratches on your watch according to this article.