Rolex VS. Omega: Which Is the Most Suitable Watch for Everyday?
Rolex VS. Omega: Which Is the Most Suitable Watch for Everyday?

Rolex and Omega are the two largest watches brands. In terms of annual sales, Rolex and Omega have monopolized the world's first and second positions and Cartier is the third. The annual output of Rolex and Omega has reached 600,000 to 800,000 or even more. Such a huge output far exceeds other watches of the same level. Under such a large output, Rolex and Omega still maintain good brand value and high brand positioning. This is difficult to achieve for other watches brands.

High production makes Rolex and Omega have a very high popularity. Even today, all kinds of famous watches are overwhelming, but Rolex and Omega are still the most well-known among the public, which are far exceeding other famous watches of the same level.

Rolex and Omega have leading and reliable exclusive technologies under high production. Rolex and Omega have self-produced movements. Rolex has core technologies such as Parachrom blue niobium hairspring and Chronergy escapement and Omega has core technologies such as Si14 silicon hairspring and coaxial escapement. These technologies are outstanding and stable on the Rolex 31/32/43 series movements and the Omega 85/88/89/93/99 series movements. The standard deviation of the Rolex Super Chronometer is +2/-2 per day, and the standard deviation of the Omega Master Chronometer is 0/+5 per day. The most important thing is that under high production, Rolex and Omega can really make almost all watches meet their travel time standards.

Rolex and Omega do not pursue complicated functions too much, but pay attention to timekeeping, anti-magnetic, waterproof, stable movement, and they reduce maintenance cycles. The movements of Rolex and Omega are basically in good condition, with good time error and swing, and the travel time is still very accurate, and the probability of problems is smaller.

In terms of official after-sales, Rolex and Omega watches are easy to repair and maintain. All Rolex and Omega watches come with a 5-year warranty. From the date of the guarantee card, it will be extended for 5 years, without any additional operation. Rolex is an independent brand, which is not owned by any group, and operated by a foundation. Omega belongs to the Swatch Group and is a listed company. This makes a fundamental difference in the way Rolex and Omega operate. But Rolex and Omega watches are very similar, and the concept of watchmaking has something in common.

Which one do you think is the most suitable watch for daily wearing?