Why Does the Brand-new Rolex Day-date Watch Become So Popular?
Why Does the Brand-new Rolex Day-date Watch Become So Popular?

Among Rolex's new watches this year, the new green and black GMT-Master and the new Air-king are the two new watches that attract the most attention from watch fans. In addition to these two sports models, there is also a heavyweight Rolex watch that has undergone a major facelift this year, which is Rolex's new platinum DAY-DATE. The new platinum DAY DATE uses a new dog-tooth bezel, replacing the previous polished bezel. It is true that the Rolex Platinum DAY DATE is very expensive, and the public price starts at 500,000 RMB, so fewer people pay attention to the new platinum DAY DATE. However, this new platinum DAY DATE watch’s facelift is of great significance and can be said to be unprecedented.

For the first time ever, a Rolex Platinum DAY DATE watch uses a dog tooth bezel.

Rolex's new platinum Day-Date comes in two sizes, 40mm and 36mm.

The two models of 40mm and 36mm feature dog tooth bezels, president bracelets, and use the iconic "ice blue" dial of Rolex platinum watches. Whenever you see a Rolex with an "ice blue" dial, whether it is a DAY DATE or a Daytona, you can instantly recognize that this is a platinum Rolex. It should be noted here that in addition to the ice blue dial, Rolex's platinum DAY DATE also has white dial, black dial, silver dial, green dial, and gray dial, but only "ice blue" is the exclusive color of Rolex platinum watches.

Apart from the size difference, the biggest difference between the 40mm and 36mm models is the dial hour markers.

For the 40 mm 228238, it uses Rolex's latest three-dimensional Roman numeral hour markers. The three-dimensional time scale has multiple facets, and the three-dimensional sense is very strong and looks very sharp. At present, this kind of new time scale is only used on the 40mm Day-Date watch.

For the 36mm 128236 watch, it uses the regular Roman hour markers. Although it is also a three-dimensional hour marker, the hour marker is only polished on the front. For this kind of Roman numerals, the DATE-JUST is also uses it, and it is only used on the 36 mm DAY-DATE watch.

In terms of size selection, the size of the gold watch is smaller, and the sense of formal wear will be stronger, and 36mm is no problem. The 40mm DAY-DATE is updated in terms of design language, and 40mm can be given priority.

Rolex platinum DAY-DATE watch uses the president bracelet with invisible buckle, both of the new 40mm and 36mm platinum dog teeth Day-Date use the new generation of Rolex 32 series automatic movement, which is the 3255 movement.

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