Reviews on the Domino’s Air-King Watches
Reviews on the Domino’s Air-King Watches

In 1977, when Tom Managhan, the owner of the Domino's Pizza chain, was asked by one of his franchisees what he could do to get his watch from him, Managhan replied that if he could achieve £20,000 in sales, I would gift it to you. The franchisee succeeded, and Managhan gave his Rolex as a gift to the franchisee.

As an entry-level Rolex watch, the Air-King, while inexpensive, still costs thousands of dollars, which is no small bonus for the lucky manager who gets it. This has continued for nearly 40 years until now, and has gradually evolved into the corporate culture of Domino's Pizza.

1974: The first known Domino's Air-King was the Ref.5500, believed to be the original pre-production prototype, sold at auction for around $20,000.

1975-1989: The Ref.5500 Air-King produced during this period were all panels with the "Big Square" Domino's logo.

1990: The Ref.14000 Domino's dial debuted with the "Big Square" Domino's logo.

1991: There was rare black body Logo Domino's dial for the Ref.1400 model.

1992-1994: Ref.14000 featured the "Small Square" Domino's logo.

1995-1999: This generation of Ref.14000 used the diagonal Domino's Logo dial of the first-generation trial production version.

1995-1999: It was the Ref.14010's thirteen stroke version of the Domino's dial.

1999: During the period from 1999 to 2005, there were Domino's straps and Domino's dials coexisting with models Ref.14000 and Ref.14000M. After 2005, there was no Domino's dial, only Domino's straps.

2000-2004: Introduced the Ref.14000M, which was almost identical to the Ref.14000 in appearance except for the movement upgrade and Luminova.

2005-2006: After 2005, there was no longer a Domino's Logo dial, but a Domino's Logo engraved strap.

2005-2006: Launched the Ref.14010M thirteen stroke model.

2007: The Domino's Ref.114200 was first introduced, Domino's Air-Kings were regular 3-6-9 dials, and the Domino's logo was still just on the strap.

2008-2011: Domino's Ref.114200 was launched, and the Domino's Logo strap was simplified to two logos.

2008-2011: Ref.114200 with a complete quad logo was launched.

2012-2015: The Ref.116000 returned to the standard Domino's with both logos.

2015: Ref.114200 was launched.

All Domino's Rolex casebacks have the Domino's logo that were engraved on them.