Reviews on the Rolex DATEJUST TURN-O-GRAPH Ref.116264 Watch
Reviews on the Rolex DATEJUST TURN-O-GRAPH Ref.116264 Watch

The Ref.116264 watch appeared in 2004 and was discontinued around 2013. The name is unique DATEJUST TURN-O-GRAPH.

It is mainly made with DATEJUST as the main body, but the design has undergone a major change. In particular, the bezel adopts a unique large-scale relief shape, as well as the unique shape of Arabic numerals and strip printing in units of 5 minutes, which are not available for ordinary Datejust watches. The hour markers are bar-shaped, and the model name is written “TURN-O-GRAPH” in red font at the 6 o’clock position of the dial. In addition, the second hand and the calendar are also unified in the same color system of red, and the design is completely different from the Datejust watch.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that this is also the earliest model of the "Roulette Engraved Mark". Most of the people who know the watch should know that in order to prevent the manufacture of fakes, Rolex has added a Rolex exclusive engraving on the case part between the dial and the mirror. After 2007, other models have also added engravings.

It can be said that the color of the dial has always been the center of production, and it is also one of the points that everyone looks at. In addition to the regular black and white tones, there is blue. To be honest, it is not particularly eye-catching, so there are also rose gold and between-gold among the Rolex DATEJUST TURN-O-GRAPH models.

Since it was registered as a trademark in 1953, although not the first Rolex model with a rotating bezel, it was the first model with an engraving, and now it is probably the last model with a rotating bezel for the Datejust watch. The chances of it recurring in the future are also low.

The middle part of the case and the bracelet is also mirror-polished, and the design of the central part has also changed from hollow to solid, improving strength and durability.

The Rolex DATEJUST TURN-O-GRAPH Ref.116264 is available in two colors, white and black, and is limited to 300 pieces each, which is extremely rare. The colors used are also different, with the green seconds hand and calendar, and the word "TURN-O-GRAPH" written in green lettering at 6 o'clock on the dial.

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